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Bulging Disc

Our spine consists of bones that are layered on top of each other and is collectively called the vertebrae. Between each of these bones is a thin layer or rubbery discs that absorb shock and prevent bones from giving pressure to each other.

As we age, these discs deteriorate and cause the bones to protrude downward often causing pain in our spine area. This condition is called Bulging disc. While a lot of people use bulging disc and herniated disc interchangeably, the former leads to the latter which is a complete rupture of the disc. People often experience pain in the neck, lower back and mid back due to bulging disc. 

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Cause Of Bulging Disc

Symptoms of bulging, protrusion and extrusion of discs include pain in the back, arm, leg, and foot, recurrent tailbone pain, numbness or tingling, muscle weakness, burning in the shoulders, legs, neck, or arm.

If you do experience these symptoms then medical advice will be needed. However, surgery is usually not necessary to relieve the problem. At Illinois Back Institute we have treated over 10,000 patients with a bulging disc without surgeries and OPIOIDS. If you would like to explore more about this natural proven treatment then schedule a FREE consultation today.