Spinal Stenosis occurs mostly in adults over 60 years of age due to the wear-and-tear effects of ageing and narrowing of the spinal canal. As our body ages, the space between our spines gets smaller and the nerves that pass through those spines gets pressured. This results in numbness, throbbing pain and muscle weakness mostly in the neck (cervical stenosis) and lower back (lumbar stenosis). One of the solutions to reduce this pain involves surgery.

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Spinal Stenosis Treatment in Carol Stream & Orland Park, IL


Cause of Stenosis

While the frequent causes of Spinal Stenosis involves old age, there could also be other causes such as:

  • Spinal injuries and tumors
  • Artritis which refers to the degeneration of a joint in the body because of the reduction of cartilage tissue between the joints
  • Sometimes, our ligaments that hold the spinal bones together grow over time and poke into the spinal canal space creating pressure

All of this could happen to anyone but luckily we have Natural Treatments available.