Anthony Isadore came into the Illinois Back Institute with severe sciatica pain. He re-injured his back while bending over and picking up some items. When he first came in his pain level was a 9 out of 10. He is now coming to the end of his therapy and has ZERO pain. He feels no pain in his sciatic nerve and is not worried about feeling it in the future.


Anthony Isadore – Sciatica

Alan Itzkowitz came into the Illinois Back Institute after having spinal surgery. He had a laminectomy done on 2 of his discs (L4-L5). The surgery seemed to relieve his symptoms of pain going down the front of his thighs and quads caused by spinal stenosis. His MRI showed he was also suffering from a bulging disc and herniated disc. Alan now feels he can do everything he wants to do with ease. Everything is a lot less painful. When we asked Alan if he had a goal at the beginning of treatment and he said, “Yes, I did have a goal and that was to wake up in the morning and not be sore and I’ve met that goal.”


Alan Itzkowitz – Bulging & Herniated Discs

William Rolfes started suffering from lower back pain in high school after injuring himself while playing water polo. He went to different doctors over the years and tried different treatments. Recently, his lower back pain increased to a pain level between 8-10. “My goal when I first started treatment was to alleviate the pain that I was under. I’ve been able to achieve that,” said William. “I’m getting stronger, much more flexible. I am able to do more without becoming fatigued or feeling pain,” said William. He is so confident in the success of his treatment that William has set an even larger goal to achieve an open water swim in the ocean on his next vacation.


William Rolfes – Lower Back Pain

Erin Blievernicht was working as a teacher and also a server on the side. One day she woke up with soreness in her right lower hip. Her orthopedic doctor sent her for an MRI, which showed that she was suffering from a herniated disc in the l5-s1 area. When she first came in her pain level was at an 8 out of 10 on bad days or at a constant 4 daily. Erin is now at the end of her treatment at Illinois Back Institute and has ZERO pain. She has completely stopped taking painkillers and just got cleared to go to the gym.


Erin Blievernicht – Herniated Disc

After injuring her back for the second time Cheryl Meyer did not want to go through surgery but needed help. Cheryl’s MRI showed that she was suffering from 2 bulging discs, a herniated disc and sciatica. When Cheryl came into the Illinois Back Institute she was having a lot of trouble sleeping throughout the night. Cheryl was taking all types of pain medicine daily to get her through the pain. Her pain level was a 5 out of 10. Cheryl is now at the end of her treatment and is in ZERO pain! She is back to living her life normally like before her injury.


Cheryl Meyer – Sciatica, Bulging & Herniated Discs

Mike Dressel had been suffering with back pain due to a bulging disc in his l5 area. This injury occurred while he was playing tennis. Mike tried a few different types of therapies for his pain. He went to a physical therapist, approxin medicine, and cortisone shots. Mike came into the Illinois Back Institute with a pain level of three. He was having difficultly sitting or standing for long periods of time. After only 3 weeks of therapy his pain level is already at a zero! Mike is now getting back to being active again. “I played tennis last Friday and I had very minimal pain compared to significant pain the last time I had tried playing a few months ago,” said Mike.


Mike Dressel – Bulging Disc

Karin Evers was in a horrible auto accident that put her in a coma. The accident also caused 17 broken ribs, and a broken hip, knee and pelvis. In 2012 Karin decided to go through and have back and neck surgery. At first the surgery was a success but after a while her neck and back started to bother her again. Then, last fall, Karin got up and was in so much pain that she couldn’t even walk to her mailbox. Karin’s MRI showed that she was suffering from a herniated disc and spinal stenosis. When she first started treatment her pain level was an 8 out of 10. Karin has almost finished her 36 treatments and her pain level is now at a ZERO! She is now able to do the things she wants to do like cooking in the kitchen, go on walks, and go to the grocery store and more. “I just wanted to get rid of some of this pain and I did do that so I did complete my goal,” said Karin.


Karin Evers – Herniated Disc & Spinal Stenosis

About 7 years ago while Kathleen Bramonte was crossing the street she was hit by a car. After the accident Kathleen got an MRI done that showed she was suffering with 1 bulging disc. Over time the pain increased and her MRI recently showed she now had 3 bulging disc with 2 of them on the right side. Kathleen came in with a pain level was at a 7 or 8. Now she is at the end of her treatment and her pain level is a zero! Her goal was to be able to walk at least a block. Kathleen is now able to walk more than 5 blocks with no pain at all.


Kathleen Bramonte – Bulging Discs

About 40 years ago Dean Jarog injured his neck and back in a car accident. Shortly after the accident Dean was at work and both of his legs went out on him due to the disc pushing on his nerve. He was able to treat his pain with exercises and stretches over the years. Unfortunately, Dean injured his back again during a cycling class. He injured himself on a Friday, was bedridden Saturday and Sunday, and started treatment on Monday and since then he has been improving. When Dean first came in he could barely walk. Dean’s MRI showed that a herniated disc was causing this pain. Dean is now almost finished with his treatment and his pain level is at a zero! 


Dean Jarog – Herniated Disc

For the past 21 years Jan Golden has been the main caretaker of her 21-year-old spastic quadriplegic son. Her son now weighs 120 pounds and the stress of picking him up and taking care of him has taken a toll of her neck and back. Jan’s MRI showed that she had 2 bulging discs in her neck, 2 bulging discs in her lower back and a herniated disc in her lower back. Jan came into IBI and for the first time in 7 years Jan said, “I can honestly say at my 16th appointment when I came in and they asked me what my back pain was I had nothing!” Jan never thought she would see the day where she was pain free. “My goal was to be able to sleep all night without any pain. I have reached that and I would say probably after 10 years is the first time I’ve slept all night.”


Jan Golden – Bulging and Herniated Discs