Degenerative Disc Disease occurs during a torsional (twisting) injury to the lower back or by simple wear and tear on the spine. Degenerative Discs are very common, and it is estimated that at least 30% of people aged 30-50 years old will have some degree of disc space degeneration. After a patient reaches the age of 60, some level of disc degeneration is deemed to be a normal finding, not the exception.

Most patients with Degenerative Disc Disease will experience low-grade continuous but tolerable pain that will occasionally flare for a few days or more. Pain symptoms are generally centered on the lower back, although it can radiate to the hips and legs. The pain may be frequently worse when sitting when the discs experience a heavier load than when standing. Certain movements such as bending, twisting, or lifting may cause pain to flare up.

Eliminate Your Degenerative Disc Disease Without Surgery or Drugs

It’s All About Your Discs

When the discs in your back are healthy, they’re very flexible with a nucleus that’s filled with a gel-like substance. A vertebral disc that has been worn down has simply lost its gel and is therefore dehydrated. When this happens, the most common things that occur are: chronic back pain, herniated discs, bulging discs, stenosis, degenerated discs, and sciatica. Our proven back pain treatment reverses disc degeneration giving you a healthier, stronger, long lasting back without medications, surgery, or painful injections.

Back Pain

All Natural, Non-Surgical Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease

Our back pain treatment takes the pressure off your vertebral discs through cycles of compression and traction movements. It literally allows your spine to replenish the missing fluids back into your discs – naturally. Physical therapy is used in conjunction with our back pain treatment to strengthen and stabilize your spine and your back. Our proven, non-surgical treatment has literally changed the lives over 15,000 patients, even Chicago Bears Super Bowl Champions Dan Hampton & Kevin Butler.

Our #1 goal is to eliminate your back pain, so you can live your life!

30-50% of Back Surgeries Fail

Our specialized treatment will rehydrate your discs, reversing disc degeneration and giving you a much healthier, stronger, long-lasting back.

Find the Cause of Your Back Pain

The discs in your spine are being rehydrated. Healthy, hydrated discs are very flexible and less likely to become herniated. This lets you strengthen your lower back!