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Degenerative disc disease primarily concerns a spinal disc, but will most likely impact other parts of the spine as well. The two findings most correlated with a painful disc are:

  • Cartilaginous Endplate Erosion. each vertebral segment is a joint that has cartilage in it. In between a spinal disc and each vertebral body is a layer of cartilage known as the endplate. The endplate sandwiches the spinal disc and acts as a gatekeeper for oxygen and nutrients entering and leaving the disc. As the disc wears down and the endplate begins to erode, this flow of nutrition is compromised, which can hasten disc degeneration. As the disc goes through this process, the disc space will collapse.
  • Disc space collapse. As a disc degenerates the disc space will collapse, placing undue strain on the surrounding muscles as they support the spine and shortening the space between vertebrae, leading to additional micro-motion and spinal instability.

The Illinois Back Institute sought a better way, and developed a non-surgical, natural treatment to provide back pain relief.

The treatment works with all ages and all back conditions.

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What Cause Degeneretive Disc?

  • The drying out of the disc. When we are born, the disc is about 80¬†percent water. As we age, the disc dries out and doesn’t absorb shocks as well.
  • Daily activities and sports, which cause tears in the outer core of the disc. By age 60, most people have some degree of disc degeneration. Not everyone at that age has back pain, however.
  • Injuries, which can cause swelling, soreness and instability. This can result in low back pain.
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